Psychic - Medium - Animal Intuitive

Want to learn about or enchance your own abilities?

There are no requirements, everyone is intuitive and if you feel called or excited about all things psychic or spirits, then it's possible for you to be able do it!


We'll be learning the in's and out's of psychic work & communicating with guides, spirits & animals enough times for you to get your own spirit telephone working.


This class is great to help you

 - find missing pieces about yourself

 - grow your own intuition

 - understand and grow your intuitive abilities

 - believe in yourself & what you're capable of

 - build a strong connection with your guides

 - learn how to connect to those on the other side

 - navigate through any fears or blocks

 - connect to your animals living or in spirit



I'm open to setting up a payment plan with you as well.

4 Week Coaching Course

Cost: $400.00

- Over zoom video (live & recorded)

- Classes will be on Saturdays

- 8 spots total


*Stay tuned for the next dates to be posted*


2pm EST - 11am PST - 1pm CST - 12pm MST

April 2020 Sneak Peak

Looking to go to the next level with your already awakened gifts?  Click here for more on private coaching

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I have learned and enjoyed Jamies coaching course. If your hesitant at all let me reassure you that taking this class will enrich you life and learn things that you can use for the rest of your life. After the first class and after I loved it so much that I would look forward to the next class and actually count down the days. Jamie makes it so fun and interactive. Kinda sad our class ended on Saturday “YAY we graduated” but so glad I got to meet some of the most interesting people from around the world!!! The course is worth every penny and what better time to become the best version of yourself than now!!! P. S. Thank you so much Jamie for being the best teacher and sharing all you know with us!!!
This is a great class of you even think you have intuitive abilities. I took the class in April and I am now able to talk to my spirit guides at will and also call in loved ones that have passed. My meditation practice has been amazing.
 I can tell you this is worth every penny and every minute of your time. I just learned last year that I had spirit guides. I had been able to communicate with them a little when I meditated but never thought I could do what Jamie does. I decided to take her course just to see what would happen. I took it in April thinking I can’t go anywhere now so it’s as good a time as any. I was astounded each week at what new things I was able to do. I can now talk to my spirit guides at will, mainly when I meditate, talk to my dad and 2 other passed loved ones that I think can help me. I have also had guides come to me at a higher level than when I started. I would say if you think at all you might want to enhance or even start your intuitive abilities, don’t wait, do it now! This has enhanced not only my abilities but my life.
Beyond worth it to take this class jamie is amazing she helped me with my gifts she is always so helpful so very supportive of each and every student she has. the classes are fun and u meet new people and hear little and learn on there gifts this is a class u wont want to miss if u have a gift and want to get stronger better learn more about it ..
To everyone who is Debating on joining! It’s so worth it! This class is so awesome and so much fun. it’s worth every minute! I’m so glad I joined because you helped me with my gift! Your so awesome Jamie! Thank you so much for helping everyone with their gifts!
Loved this class so much
So worth it
Thank you Jamie

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This video is for psychics and mediums who are ready to get started in doing professional readings. I share everything I’ve learned through trial and error and picked up in my experiences and practices of becoming a self taught professional psychic medium, not having been born with these gifts! 

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