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Let's work one on one!

1 Month Private Coaching

My private coaching can look anywhere from growing your abilites, creating your own psyhic or other type of business with my guidance and more! 


I can help you see the missing links and gather everything that's for you using my abilites and yours!


Email me here to see if we'd be a match working together!

Wanting Private Coaching but needing some basics first?

Purchase my awakening the gifts within you 101 video and we can take $100 off of the private coaching!

This video covers majority of the content in my 4-week group coaching program. With these guidelines and exercises you'll be well on your way with whatever is next for you!
I cover the basics, everything I know and have learned as a psychic, medium and pet intuitive and how to communicate with spirit guides, animals and spirits.


This video is for psychics and mediums who are ready to get started in doing professional readings. I share everything I’ve learned through trial and error and picked up in my experiences and practices of becoming a self taught professional psychic medium, not having been born with these gifts! 


Purchase my Professional Psychic Medium Readings, Getting Started video

With this option you'll get 4 sessions with me over zoom video for an hour. We move through any blocks quickly and the sessions are also recorded so you can watch them again and again.


Cost is one payment of $600, two payments of $350 or per session for $175.


3 Months Private Coaching

Wanting to change your life or business quickly? With this option you'll still get 4 sessions each month. We move through blocks and fears quickly and the sessions are also recorded so you can watch them again if needed. 

6 Months Private Coaching

Needing to build something from the ground up? With six months of hands on private coaching from me we'll meet 3 times a month over zoom video for an hour. I'll help you break through any blocks and help you get to where you want to be with our sessions also recorded.